Into it: Hank Azaria

Hank Azaria, star of 'Huff' on TV and 'Spamalot' on Broadway, what are you ...

... Reading?

"I'm reading a book right now called Kick Me by Paul Feig, who actually is a television writer. He wrote that series "Freaks and Geeks.'' [The book is] his remembrances of growing up in the '70s. It's very David Sedaris-like. This book sort of masquerades as being a frivolous kind of book, but it's quite insightful. It captured that era, the way culture was expanding and affecting children. I'm also reading a book called Charlie Wilson's War by George Crile - who is a producer of "60 Minutes" - and this is going to be a movie soon with Tom Hanks. It's the story of Charlie Wilson, who was a congressman from Texas who funded the Afghan resistance against the Soviets and - whoops - by accident created the Taliban. Very interesting story. True story. Few people can control huge global decisions on that level.

... Listening to?

I'm sort of an old-school rock guy, so I'm always going to listen to my share of Springsteen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin. This band, the Dandy Warhols, I've listened to them a lot lately. I recently discovered an artist named Little Milton, who was a blues/jazz guy who helped transition that old stuff to rock 'n' roll. I like to listen to listen to blues.

... Watching?

I'm an American Idol junkie. It reminds me of when I was young and so desperate to succeed.... I was really into the Olympics. I watched almost every bit of it. I draw the line at ice dancing: That I won't watch. The only movie I saw of the Academy Award bunch was Capote and, Philip Seymour Hoffman, not only was his Academy Award deserved, I think it was one of the Top 10 film performances ever.

The new season of "Huff" begins April 2 on Showtime. Azaria returns to "Spamalot" this fall.

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