Almost three months of captivity

Saturday, Jan. 7

• Jill Carroll kidnapped in Baghdad. Interpreter Allan Enwiya is killed.

• The Christian Science Monitor requests a media blackout while recovery gets under way.

Jan. 9

• Media blackout ends.

Jan. 15

• The Jordan Times (where Carroll worked) calls for Carroll's release in editorial, titled "Our Jill."

Jan. 17

• Al Jazeera airs first videotape from Carroll's captors. Al Jazeera says that the captors demand the release of all female prisoners in Iraq within 72 hours, and implies that Carroll will be killed if demands are not met.

• The Carroll family releases a statement appealing for release.

Jan. 18

• Prominent Muslims, including Iraq's Muslim Scholars Association, Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, the Iraq Journalists' League, and Iraqi Accordance Front call for Carroll's release.

• Monitor holds press conference in Washington about Carroll.

• An editorial calling for release is published in Jordan's Al Ghad newspaper and widely cited.

Jan. 19

• Eight Egyptian human rights groups release joint statement calling for Carroll's release.

• The Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood releases statement calling for release.

• Mary Beth Carroll, Jill's mother, appeals on CNN for Jill's release.

Jan. 20

• First deadline passes.

• Carroll's father appears on Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya.

• Reporters Without Borders rallies at Grand Mosque of Paris.

• Sunni political leader Adnan al-Dulaimi, whom Carroll was attempting to visit when she was kidnapped, calls for her release.

Jan. 21

• Delegation from Council on American-Islamic Relations, goes to Baghdad to try to spur release.

Jan. 22

• Carroll's father appeals on CNN.

Jan. 23

• Liberties Committee of the Egyptian Lawyers' Syndicate calls for Carroll's release.

• Hamas calls for Carroll's release.

Jan. 26

• Five Iraqi female detainees and over 400 male prisoners are released.

• 37 Arab intellectuals and politicians appeal.

Jan. 29

• Adnan al-Dulaimi makes second statement.

Jan. 30

• Al Jazeera airs second video. The voice-over says that Carroll appeals for release of all Iraqi women prisoners.

Feb. 1

• Baghdad's New Sabah newspaper calls for release and runs the first of three front-page public-service announcements.

• Waddah Khanfar, managing director of Al Jazeera, makes on-air appeal for Carroll's release on behalf of network's journalists.

Feb. 5

• Poster of Carroll is hung on Rome's city hall.

Feb. 7

• Reporters Without Borders (RWB) rallies. Former French hostage Florence Aubenas and Monitor 's Peter Ford attend.

Feb. 9

• Kuwaiti TV station Al Rai airs third video.

• Jim and Mary Beth Carroll appeal on "Good Morning, America," to Sattam al-Gaood, former senior associate of Saddam Hussein.

Feb. 10

• The owner of Al Rai says Carroll is being held in Baghdad with a group of women, according to "sources close to kidnappers."


• Sattam al-Gaood, makes appeal.

• Al Iraqiya airs public-service video.

Feb. 16

• Students rally at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Carroll's alma mater.

Feb. 21

• RWB launches a week-long international support campaign.

• Students at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor hold a candlelight vigil.

March 6

• Monitor publishes tribute to Allan Enwiya, Jill's Iraqi interpreter.

March 9

• Monitor announces renewed efforts to broadcast public-service announcements.

March 20

• RWB unveils giant portrait of Carroll in the Place de la Nation in Paris. Appears next to portraits of kidnapped Iraqi journalists Reem Zeid, Marwan Khazaal.

March 24

• CNN reports on the more than 2,000 letters of support and prayers for Jill sent to Monitor.

March 29

• Katie Carroll, Jill's twin sister, appeals on Al Arabiya for information.

March 30

• Jill Carroll released in Baghdad.

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