Readers are rejoicing: Jill Carroll is on her way home at last

Words cannot express the joy we felt when we heard of Jill's release. We did a dance around the breakfast table! Today we have seen goodness come out of Iraq. It is a good reminder that the prayer, "Our Father" indeed includes all mankind.
Susanne van Eyl
Evansville, Ind.

Wow, what a feat. The release of Jill Carroll is the triumph of good over evil, the ascendency of hope over frustration. I am sure she will now continue her work with renewed strength and courage, and we will soon have an account of the "grace under pressure" that sustained her spirits. Many congratulations to Jill and her family, the Monitor, and her fans across the globe. Let us celebrate this joyful event with our renewed pledge to stand for right and to support the downtrodden in every part of the globe.
Junaid Bahadur
Islamabad, Pakistan

I'm thrilled the Monitor had another happy ending. The paper's editors, yet again, worked tirelessly and saved the life of their reporter. So glad for Jill, her family, and for all of you.
David Rohde
Former Monitor reporter captured and later released by Bosnian Serbs in 1995.
New York

I'm an Iraqi American living in Dubai. Hearing about Jill Carroll's story brought tears to my eyes knowing what horror she was living in Iraq and seeing the video sent out from her captors. I can't tell you how happy I am today to see her free! You go, girl! Believe me, your heart would make any inhumane thought become humane. God bless you for your family and friends. You are one amazing person. You have truly touched the hearts of everyone around the world. My regards to your mom especially; God has truly answered her prayers today.
Zaina Streeter
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I very rarely pray; it's just my way. However, I felt compelled to pray for Ms. Carroll since she was kidnapped, and I continued to do so. To be awakened this morning to hear she has been safely released makes me very happy!

But I had to question why her captors released her. I would like to think that there is some humanity in these (and other) terrorists, and that we have not figured out how to bridge the gap between our humanity and theirs. Bridging that gap could result in a huge break through between the insurgents and the government in Iraq and the US.

Welcome home, Jill! I will say one more prayer for you and thank God for your life.
David Woroner
Palm Beach, Fla.

Out of all the kidnappings and carnage over the past few years in Iraq, I truly and especially cared about Jill Carroll. I'm sure I join everyone else in my unabashed jubilation to hear of her release and safety. The world looks just a little brighter this morning, hope just a little bit closer. Jill can today cry freedom. In a small way, so can we all.
Scott Taylor

I just wanted to thank all of you at the Monitor for your efforts on behalf of Jill Carroll. I don't know her personally, but like so many others on campus, I have been hoping and praying that she would be released unharmed. This is a good day!
Faye Wolfe
Northampton, Mass.
Advancement Communications Writer, UMass Amherst

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