What's up? In China, it's new buildings that crane necks.

Although no new building anywhere in the world reached record-setting heights last year, two did exceed 1,000 feet, including the tallest of the tall: Shimao International Plaza in Shanghai, China. Measurements are made from the sidewalk to pinnacle, including spires (but not communications antennae or flag poles), according to the Chicago-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. The council's rankings of the tallest new skyscrapers (completed and open for business or at least partially occupied) and the location and height in feet of each:
Shimao International Plaza, Shanghai, China, 1,093 ft.
Q1, Gold Coast City, Australia, 1,058 ft.
Chongqing World Trade Center, Chongqing, China, 929 ft.
Triumph Place, Moscow, 867 ft.
Grant Gateway: Office Tower One, Shanghai, China, 859 ft.
Chelsea Tower, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 820 ft.
Bloomberg Tower, New York, 806 ft.
Deutsche Bank Place: 126 Phillip Street, Sydney, Australia, 787 ft.

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