Embarrassed? Yeah, kind of

Fishermen, as we often hear, love to tell tall tales about their exploits with rod and reel. It will be interesting to see whether Jan Petter Johansen becomes one of them after what happened last weekend. You see, he was one of 66 people entered in the first of what's intended to be an annual ice-fishing contest on Lake Vaagvannet near the Arctic Circle town of Skjervoey, Norway. It was organized by a sportsmen's club, with prize money donated by local sponsors. When the deadline arrived and the participants had to present their catches for judging, Johansen not only walked away with the trophy for first place but for runner-up as well. His combined winnings: almost $1,000. But the story doesn't end there. According to news reports, his fish were entangled in seaweed and he didn't think they were impressive enough to qualify, so he almost tossed them back. And for good reason: The second-place winner weighed in at 0.5 ounces . The champion wasn't much bigger, at 0.7. Oh, you're wondering about what the other contestants caught? Answer: none. Zero. Johansen had the field all to himself.

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