Readers offer encouraging words for Jill Carroll

Another sampling from the hundreds of letters received by the Monitor.

Prayers from Pakistan

I visit your site often for news about Jill Carroll. I am a Muslim, a Pakistani, and honestly my heart cries to see that some fellow Muslims have become so blind that they don't know who's their friend and who's their foe.

I believe there is a big need for interaction between Christians and Muslims on the scholastic level. Average Christians and average Muslims are unaware of what Islam really preaches about Christianity. Christians are "men of the Book." They were also blessed with Holy Scriptures, and we Muslims honor the Bible and Jesus very much.

Christians have been friends of Muslims. I sincerely hope that Jill Carroll will be freed and that her captors stop taking innocent people as hostages. As Islam preaches, "Killing one innocent human is like killing all humanity, and saving one is like saving all humanity" (Koran 5:32). God bless you, and may He help us reconcile our differences and be friends. Long live love and freedom.
M. Umar Qureshi
Karachi, Pakistan

From a mother and son

My son returned from Iraq on Dec. 22. Since your abduction, Jill, we have been following your story and praying for your safety and swift release. Godspeed to you, honey.
Rebecca McCormick
Hot Springs, Ark.

A worldwide network

Jill, as your captivity continues, we hope that you know of the worldwide network of prayers and support for you that grows every day.

We hope that these prayers and thoughts bring you the extra resources you may need for continued spiritual strength, a sense of hope and optimism, and for physical health.
Peter and Ellie Vance
Fenton, Mich.

Support for all involved

Thank you for the March 6 article, "Remembering Allan: a tribute to Jill Carroll's interpreter." Too easily those who are not famous are forgotten. I surprised myself by reading every word of this article, and I fought back tears on coming to its end. My prayers continue for Allan Enwiya's family, for Ms. Carroll and her family, for your staff, and your organization.

I lost my businessman husband during the bombing of Beirut in 1982. I was employed as ABC Inc.'s strategic planner in New York at the time, and all three major TV networks had begun to fear the growing loss of news-gathering crews assigned to third world countries.

It was the beginning of terrorism as we know it today. And back then many Americans probably couldn't even spell "terrorism." Sadly, we can all spell the word now. Continue the terrific, independent thinking that is representative of the Monitor.
Marilyn Kille
Chapel Hill, N.C.

Seeing Jill's goodness

I see only good in Jill's lovely face, and I hope that is what her captors see, too.

I don't belong to any church, but my thoughts - humble as they are - are with her daily. I hope her captors hear all of us. Free Jill.
Keith Bramwell
Barrie, Ontario

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