Jobs with fat paychecks and no need for college education

Americans don't necessarily need a college diploma to make a comfortable living. Authors Michael Farr and Laurence Shatkin underscore that point in their newly released second edition of "300 Best Jobs Without a Four-Year Degree" (JIST Publishing). However, Farr and Shatkin make it clear that some of the best-paying of these jobs require management, supervision, or technical skills - most of which are learned through hands-on experience. The most lucrative positions that don't require a baccalaureate degree, and their average annual pay, according to the book:

1. Air traffic controller $102,030

2. Storage and distribution manager, transportation manager (tie) $66,600

4. First-line supervisor/manager of police and detectives $64,430

5. First-line supervisor/manager of nonretail sales workers $59,300

6. Forest firefighting and prevention supervisor, municipal firefighting and prevention supervisor (tie) $58,920

8. Real estate broker, Elevator installer/repairer (tie) $58,720

10. Agricultural sales representative $58,580

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