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Right now I am reading Terra Nostra, a huge novel by Carlos Fuentes, about the history of Spain and South America. I picked the novel up because some of the most enchanting writers I have read have been from Latin America. I am enjoying it immensely.
- Alfred Mueller, Wallingford, Conn.

On my bedside table is A Hungry Heart, a memoir by Gordon Parks. I've been aware of his talents as a writer, photographer, and composer for quite a while. This book enriches my sense of who he is and moves me to read [his] other books. It is an engrossing story told by Mr. Parks, a 90-year-old with a huge creative spirit.
- George Hammond, Price, Utah

I'm reading Ordinary Wolves by Seth Kantner. It's about American materialism, the stark, silent beauty of the Arctic, about the importance of language, about alienation, about the price of comfort.
- Linda Siemers, Houston, Texas

What are you reading? Write in and tell us.

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