I got you, babe

Despite all the obstacles that society has put in their path, Willy and Nicole have bonded. Indeed, their relationship has become the talk of southern California , even though where they live is always muddy and there's no question that they're fenced in. The only sad part is that it may not last. But wait: Just so you don't jump to conclusions, you should know that Willy and Nicole aren't humans. She is a bongo - er, African antelope - he is a hog, and they're attractions at the Los Angeles Zoo. If you go there, you can see them go for walks together, feed and nap together, groom each other , and even nuzzle. "It's adorable," a zoo spokesman said. It hasn't always been so. Willy had a mate from his own species. But she died last year, after which his loneliness became poignantly obvious. At that point, he turned to Nicole, since they already shared the same pen. At first, she clearly wasn't interested. In fact, she attacked with her horns. But he was persistent and eventually she stopped pushing him away. Alas, a breakup may be coming. Curators are looking for another bongo to pair with Nicole, which would mean that Willy could be shipped off to a pen with the other hogs in the zoo.

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