Aww, how romantic!

For days, an entire country was captivated by the story of a young couple who were married aboard a subway train in South Korea's capital, Seoul. But not just because of the novelty value. Rather, as they explained to the well-wishers who crowded around to watch, they were orphans and didn't have the funds to afford the high cost of a formal ceremony. One rider happened to have a camera phone with him and recorded the proceedings for posterity. The video ended up being posted on numerous Internet sites and was shown on national TV, tugging at the heartstrings of at least 1,500 people who offered to chip in so the newlyweds could go on a proper honeymoon . Professional wedding planners even volunteered their services for fancier new nuptials should the couple so desire. Charming, right? Well, it was ... until late last week a Prof. Kim Dae-hyun of the drama department at Hoseo University came forward to confess that it was all an act. The "wedding" was, in fact, a miniplay by students at the school who, he said, should have let their fellow passengers in on the secret. Now the participants have apologized. No word on whether they got an "A" for being so convincing.

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