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"After a hard day's work, they want some peace," Peter Degle said, explaining why he's the latest business owner in Europe to find himself embroiled in controversy over a policy decision that, um, borders on the politically incorrect . Degle, you see, operates Boheme, a restaurant in Augsburg, Germany. But not just any restaurant; his is the only one in town where smoking isn't allowed. So, then, what's the problem? Well, that would be his refusal to accept a dinner reservation for a party of eight - two of whom were small children. In fact, one had just been christened after his first birthday , which mom wanted to celebrate with her friends and then "be home by 8:30." Not surprisingly, she was upset - and she has supporters. "We're always being told that Germany must do more for children," she grumped to reporters. "And then we are told ... all they do is whine and disturb people. [This] would be unthinkable in countries such as Italy and Spain." But Degle, who has two offspring of his own, was unyielding . The interests of his regulars come first, he said, and "they have complained on several occasions about crying babies." At that hour, he added, little ones "should be in bed." But if mom wanted to come for lunch and bring them, in that case they'd be welcome.

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