Tubegazing: Slings and Arrows

Slings and Arrows (Sundance Channel, premières Sunday, Feb. 19, 8 p.m. EST) Any creative soul who's ever tried to perform against ghastly odds will appreciate the sly humor of the hit Canadian show, "Slings and Arrows," now returning for a second season. Set in the hilariously dysfunctional wings of the regional New Burbage Theatre Festival, a Shakespearean troupe battles callow high school audiences, heartless corporate sponsors, penny-pinching government officials and, oh yes, its own internal high drama. The new artistic director labors in the ghostly (in this case, literally) shadow of his deceased mentor, while at the same time rekindling an old romance with the troupe's leading lady and staving off the jinxes he's sure will arrive with an impending production of "Macbeth." Alas! Only six new episodes, but they are preceded by a Season 1 marathon on Feb. 18. Grade: A

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