If they win, we may keep it

Quick: Which state will the Seattle Seahawks represent in Super Bowl XL this coming Sunday? Right: Washington. But, you know, there are lots of Washingtons across the US, and one of them is only a 30-mile drive from the home of that other Super Bowl contender, the Pittsburgh Steelers. What's more, the 15,000 or so residents of this pleasant community want there to be no confusion about where their loyalties lie for the big game. So, not content just to be considered part of "Steeler Country," Mayor Kenneth Westcott (D) and his four colleagues on the city council voted unanimously last week to change Washington's name to ... Steeler, Pa. "I know folks in the state of Washington are rooting for the Seahawks," His Honor explained to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "So we wanted to make sure everyone knows [we are] fully in support of the Steelers." But if you have relatives there or run a company that does business with Washingtonians, you should continue addressing all correspondence to them at the original name and ZIP code - 15301 - because the Postal Service does not recognize the change. In any event, as matters stand now, it's only intended to be in effect until midnight Sunday. Or, as Westcott puts it: "It's nothing official.... It's just a spoof."

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