A bicycle ride across the sound

Writer Peter N. Spotts spent the day on Nantucket.

Where did you go?

Nantucket Island, south of Cape Cod's "elbow," for a day of biking and beach, father-daughter style.

What did you do?

Took a 9:15 a.m. ferry from Hyannis. It's roughly a two-hour crossing. You don't need reservations if you're on foot or with a bike. The fare: $28 round trip per person, $12 round trip per bike. Toss in $10 to $12 for parking. We had lunch in Nantucket village, then biked to the beach at Siasconset (or 'Sconset, as it's known to locals). If you don't own a bike you can rent them on the island - or take the easy way out and ride the island shuttle. The minibuses have a bike rack if you only feel like cycling one way. Round trip cycle distance is 14 miles. The bus fare is $2 one way to Siasconset. We were back in Nantucket in time for the 5:45 p.m. ferry back to Hyannis.

Where did you eat?

The "Brotherhood of Thieves." It came highly recommended by a tanned, T-shirted teen working at one of the bike rental shops on Oak Street, near the ferry pier. He was right; it was good. The clam chowdah and lobstah salad were delicious. We also hit the Sconset Market in Post Office Square for ice cream after the beach (Ben & Jerry's, of course). A dad bought his toddler son a cone with a softball-size lump of strawberry ice cream. The tot wore some of it, but finished the rest!

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