Now I can sleep at night

Not long ago, a repentant customer of a Piggly Wiggly grocery store in Greenwood, S.C., felt the need to make amends for a five- fingered discount. That might not have seemed so unusual, except that the incident in question had happened many years before. An unsigned letter of apology for grabbing a few extra plants without paying for them included a small amount of cash and the following note: "In 1970 I was in the store. I purchased several azaleas. I went outside to put those in the car. I picked up several [more] that I didn't pay for. The azaleas were 39 cents each . This bothered me for some time. I want to make this right. Accept this $5 for payment." Store manager Jyll Maddox took the note, which was signed "a customer from years ago," and submitted it to Piggly Wiggly corporate headquarters in Charleston, S.C., as an inspiring example of admitting a mistake and rectifying it. "It's good to know that still goes on in the world," she said.

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