Hmmm, what have we here?

And now, while there's still time, a short Christmas story. You've heard the old axiom, what goes around, comes around - right? OK, then, we begin one day several years ago in historic Newport, R.I., where Emily Leno spotted a wallet on the street with a wad of cash - $800 - inside. Newport is popular with tourists, and the wallet turned out to belong to one who was staying at the landmark Hotel Viking. Emily returned it to its owner and went on with her life. Fast forward to late last week, when Elizabeth Miglio and her small son were walking along another street in town and almost stepped on two unmarked envelopes on the ground. She picked them up and found one stuffed with just under $2,100. Her first thought, she told journalists: turn the envelopes over to the police. " It was my duty ," she said. "If I'd lost that much money, I could not sleep." Soon, an anxious local resident arrived at the station to ask whether anyone had turned in an envelope filled with cash. He identified himself and correctly described the amount that should be inside. And so a hugely relieved Robert Leno - yes, Emily Leno's husband - walked out with the money, which was to be spent on presents for their grandchildren ... and, now, a reward for the finder. Which brings us back to Elizabeth Miglio. She was, she said, educated in a parochial school whose nuns taught her, "Everything you do will come back to you."

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