Reporters on the Job

Borderline Trip: A trip to the Peru-Chile border? While in Lima, Peru, reporting about the future of former president Alberto Fujimori, staff writer Danna Harman considered attending a political rally on the border between the two countries.

A group of Mr. Fujimori's supporters had planned to make the long journey from Lima to the remote border crossing and shout their allegiance to him in Chile. He's actually in a jail in Santiago, almost 1,000 miles from the border, awaiting an extradition hearing. But it turns out that the symbolic el grito to Fujimori was postponed.

"I suspect it was called off due to a lack of interest. Fujimori's base of support among the indigenous poor is being siphoned away by Ollanta Humala, a former Army officer. He's a rising star in Peruvian politics," Danna says.

"But it's early. Unlike the US, campaigning for the presidency in Peru won't start until a few weeks before the April vote."

David Clark Scott
World editor

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