Welcome aboard. Oh, it's you.

It took awhile, but eventually the people at Air Canada figured out what Marc Tacchi was doing. Still, since it was legal, no one tried to stop him. From? Well, from logging 1 million miles under the carrier's frequent flier program. Tacchi emerged from one of its jets at the end of last month, having spent all but five of the previous 61 days in the air. His usual routine: a red-eye flight from Toronto to his home in Vancouver, British Columbia, then six or eight hops between there and Victoria, the provincial capital, and finally an overnight back to Toronto to start the cycle again . All this at the cost of $6,050 for one of Air Canada's North America Unlimited passes, which allowed the holder as many flights within the continent as could be taken between Oct. 1 and Nov. 30. But why? For starters, to see whether he could do it. At the same time, to earn the equivalent of 10 free round trips in business class to the farthest point on the globe - worth many times more than he paid for the pass. Before taking advantage, however, he says he needs "some serious rest." And what does Tacchi do when he isn't flying Air Canada? He pilots cargo planes to European or Asian destinations.

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