Do as we say, not as we do

On the premise that it's better for personal health and the environment to walk to work rather than commute by car, another leading corporation has announced a decision to offer employees an "eco-allowance" if they do. Now, the money isn't huge: an extra $12 a month in the ol' pay envelope. Then again, it could cost the employer heavily, since it applies to the entire workforce at all domestic offices and factories - roughly 20,000 people. To qualify, an employee must live more than 1-1/4 miles from his destination and must prove that he or she has made at least 15 round trips every 30 days. For those with the lengthiest commutes, it's OK to ride part of the way on a bus or train and finish on foot. The corporation, which also has extensive operations overseas , is not currently planning to extend the offer to those folks. So, what company is it, for Pete's sake? Answer: Honda Motor Corp., the fourth-largest maker of cars in Japan. The idea was borrowed from another personal transportation company, Yamaha, the motorcycle builder.

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