Hold still; this won't take long

The other day, Friz Konieczka checked the calendar, realized that Nov. 28 would bring the start of Pennsylvania's deer-hunting season, and went out and stocked up on cans of fluorescent orange spray paint . As you know, hunters are urged to wear blaze orange vests and caps at all times in the woods so as not to be mistaken for their prey. But the garments are manufactured in that color, so what's with the paint? Simple: Konieczka operates a farm in rural Clinton County, not far from Penn State University's main campus, and he wanted the spray for his livestock . So if you were to stop by, you'd see cows, horses, goats, turkeys, and even a pet Dalmatian, whose backs and sides now glow in the dark. Our guy told a TV news crew he'd rather spend $5 per can than risk any of his animals being targeted. Deer season doesn't expire until Saturday, and one application is virtually certain not to wear off before then. Besides, the livestock don't know the difference, right?

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