Quite a commute

March of the Penguins (G)

Next time you're lamenting your commute or cursing the weather, think of the emperor penguins of Antarctica. Each year the pudgy, flightless, tuxedoed birds waddle 70 miles and brave temperatures of -110 degrees F. in order to breed. The males then spend four months without food as they incubate the eggs and protect the newborns. Some, including many babies, don't survive for the trip home. This jaw-chattering documentary, produced by National Geographic, captures all the March madness. Extras: The filmmakers, too, had to endure the same icy desert, and a 53-minute film shows the peril - whiteouts, frostbite, and weeks without sunlight. "Crittercam" gives viewers a penguin's-eye view of all the action. Grade: A-

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