On the greenway, beware of the Bulldogs

Writer Diana Morley spent six days in Athens, Ga.

Where did you go? Athens, Ga., home to the University of Georgia and alternative rock band R.E.M.

Where did you stay? Holiday Inn on N. Hull St., near downtown and the university campus. Cost: $94.50 a night.

What did you do? Saw "Coming Home: American Paintings, 1930-1950" at the University of Georgia Museum of Art. Besides appreciating the aesthetics of the works, we were fascinated by the economic and social conditions portrayed, and their relevance to present time. While that exhibit ended this week, the current one is a noteworthy display of silver works called "From Sideboard to Pulpit: Silver in Georgia." In December, exhibits include "Decorative Arts in Georgia: Historic Sites, Historic Contexts" and "American Streamlined Design: The World of Tomorrow," which will feature furniture, kitchen products, and tools. We also spent one afternoon in Athens' impressive botanical garden and took several strolls along the city's tree-lined greenway, replete with benches for rest and contemplation.

Where did you eat? The Bombay Cafe on E. Broad Street and El Pollo Criollo on Prince Avenue served meals in a style fitting the country they represented. We enjoyed the beach-like decor and generous tilapia plate at the latter.

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