Oh, are we there already?

There are people who just can't seem to sleep on airplanes, and then there's Tor Martin Johansen. One day last week, he boarded a commercial flight from Trondheim, Norway, that would take him back to Namsos, his hometown . The next thing he remembers is a flight attendant's voice over the intercom system saying, "Welcome to Trondheim." Yes, after settling into his seat he dozed off almost immediately and found himself right back where he started. Since there were intermediate stops, the plane was never empty and no one noticed that the number of passengers was one greater than that on the manifest. And that, according to a spokes-man for the carrier, Wideroe Air, "is a very serious matter" that "will not happen again." He did, however, acknowledge that, "Seen on its own, it's an amusing incident." As for Tor, Wideroe has given him a free ticket for another trip to Namsos and a promise that "passengers can ... sleep soundly on our flights and be woken up at their destination."

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