Who are you callin' a turkey?

If all goes well, folks who live on Wall Avenue in Pitcairn, Pa., will welcome David Martin back down on good ol' terra firma sometime Friday. He has been camped out on the roof of the town's Assembly of God Church since Monday, despite intermittent rain and overnight temperatures not much above freezing. (Not that that bothers him. As he told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "I lived in Maine for 12 years, and this is warm yet - T-shirt weather.") No, he's not putting down new shingles . This is all about ... frozen turkeys. Five hundred of them. Martin, you see, is the new pastor, and he came up with the idea as a way to generate donations to the local food bank of the traditional Thanksgiving staple. "We all gave towards [hurricane] Katrina and the tsunami relief," he explained to the newspaper, "and the local community needs it as well." As of noon Wednesday , his helpers reported that the pledge drive was almost halfway to its goal. Martin vowed to stay put until all 500 have been collected ... or until Friday night, whichever arrived first.

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