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Lawyers on guard: Given the focus on Saddam Hussein's trial, staff writer Dan Murphy thought it would be worthwhile to attend the Iraqi central criminal court to get an idea of how the wheels of justice are turning for alleged insurgents, rather than just Mr. Hussein. But when he and his translator arrived, they were turned away because of new security procedures.

They contacted a lawyer they'd hoped to meet there, and he agreed to talk instead at the Iraqi Bar Association, around the corner. While there, they ran into one of Hussein's defense lawyers.

"He said he was afraid after the murder of one of his colleagues and that he was taking more precautions," says Dan. But Dan notes that he didn't have any bodyguards or visible security.

"He expressed the fatalism a lot of Iraqis in dangerous jobs have," says Dan. "He told me 'Of course I'm afraid. But since I've decided not to flee my country, I'm not going to cower at home.' "

Amelia Newcomb
Deputy world editor

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