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Batman Begins (PG-13)

In "Batman Begins," the Caped Crusader swoops in and saves the franchise from what had been a precipitous slide down the batpole since Tim Burton's 1989 original. Christian Bale is son-of-a-millionaire Bruce Wayne, who drops out of society after the murder of his parents. He resurfaces as Batman to avenge their death and save Gotham City from corruption and lawlessness. But the evil runs even deeper than he thought: Henri Ducard (Liam Neeson), once Wayne's mentor, wants to destroy the metropolis, which has become a latter-day Rome, bloated with its own excesses. This dark tale is at its best when it answers nagging superhero-sized questions: Where does Batman get his costume? Or his gadget-filled car? Or his crime-fighting skills? Extras: Included are a 72-page comic book and a thorough look at the filmmaking. Grade: B+
- David S. Hauck

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