City of angels, field of dreams

Teresa Méndez spent the weekend in Los Angeles

Where did you go? Los Angeles, off the beaten path.

What did you see? A cornfield. That's right, 32 acres filled with 2 million ears of corn nestled between Chinatown and the Lincoln Heights neighborhood. It's actually an art project, planted on the site of an old industrial brownfield long known as the Cornfields. The crop will last through the month, until it's time for harvesting. (Go to for more information.)

Where did you eat? At the Homegirl Cafe, Mexican food with plenty of vegetarian options. It's part of Homeboy Industries, founded by Father Gregory Boyle, a Jesuit priest, to employ gang members and parolees. Streetscapes from the neighborhood hang for sale on the restaurant's yellow walls. I had Eloisa's Enfrijoladas, similar to enchiladas (but dipped in beans instead of chile). My father ordered Nina's Nopales con Huevos - eggs with cactus strips. And don't miss Sarah's Drink - raspberry and mango juices with a twist of lime.

Where did you shop? The 800 block of North Broadway in Chinatown. A bargain hunter's dream, with stalls tended by ethnic Chinese from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Find everything from knock-off handbags and pajamas to jade buddhas and the conical hats worn by peasants. Vendors also hock fresh fruit and bubble teas.

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