Doggone it, people!

In New Zealand, evidently, it's not OK to become exasperated if you apply to subdivide your land for development purposes and get nowhere. At least it's not OK to choose Peter Rhodes's form of expression. To protest the bureaucratic red tape he encountered, the Queenstown resident decided to try registering his pet canine to vote in the local election earlier this month. It worked, despite his "signing" the registration form with a paw print. Back came written confirmation of the animal's eligibility , even though Rhodes had no intention of taking him to the polls. The story might have ended there, except that the Electoral Enrollment Center chief found out his staff had been tricked and isn't happy. So the matter now is in police hands, and Rhodes could be charged with numerous offenses, such as making a false declaration.

They know each other so well: top football rivalries

Traditionally, college football's longest-running rivalries are saved until near the end of the season. Many, in fact, are reserved for the last game before the holiday bowls, giving teams that have had disappointing seasons an opportunity to salvage some pride by winning. This isn't always true, however. Utah and Utah State squared off Sept. 10, and, in a rare Wednesday game, Miami of Ohio and Cincinnati played their "Battle for the Victory Bell" Wednesday. While not one of the more glamorous matchups, that game has earned a place among football's oldest. The most-played major-college rivalries and the number of times the teams have met:
Minnesota-Wisconsin 114
Missouri-Kansas 113
Nebraska-Kansas Texas-Texas A&M 111
Miami (Ohio)-Cincinnati North Carolina-Virginia 109
Auburn-Georgia Oregon-Oregon State 108
Purdue-Indiana Stanford-California 107
Army-Navy Utah-Utah State 105
- Official 2005 NCAA Football Records Book

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