It's an unscheduled stop

There may yet be a penalty, but the 289 passengers on a chartered jet cannot complain too loudly that government officials are upset over their "emergency" landing at Piura, Peru, early last week. "A scam," huffed a spokeswoman for CORPAC, Peru's aviation authority. "[The pilot] tricked the control tower, saying they were low on fuel ." The flight originated in Gambia, where it had been booked by President Yahya Jammeh. Oh, it was to go to Peru, all right - taking fans to see their national team play Qatar in the Under-17 World Soccer Championships. But it was delayed so long before take-off that by the time it arrived in Lima, the site of the game, the action would be over. Thus the stop at Piura, which is 550 miles shy of the capital. The fans were at least able to catch most of the game on TV. By the way, their team won, 3-1.

Aloha from Hawaii, land of cultural, ethnic diversity

Sometime around the middle of this century, minorities are expected to outnumber the majority-white US population - or, as demographers describe them, non-Hispanic, single-race whites. Already four states are so-called majority-minority, with Texas recently joining Hawaii, New Mexico, and California in that category. The Texas population now is 50.2 percent nonwhite. Far and away, however, Hawaii is the most diversified state in this regard, with 77 percent of its population made up of nonwhites - 58 percent of whom are Asian or part-Asian and 23 percent native Hawaiians or other Pacific Islanders. The states with the largest nonwhite populations, according to the US Bureau of the Census, and the percentage in each case:
1. Hawaii 76.7%
2. New Mexico 56.5%
3. California 55.5%
4. Texas 50.2%
5. Maryland 40.2%
6. Mississippi 40.1%
7. Georgia 35.1%
8. New York 38.9%
9. Arizona 38.9%
10. Florida 37.2%

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