They're doing what?

In Pieterburen, the Netherlands, police have a good description of each member of a family they're searching for ... because of a burglary that didn't quite happen. As we pick up the story, a homeowner is returning from work to find a strange car in his driveway with two small children alone in the back seat. He asks - not in so many words - "Who are you and where are your parents?" Kids (also not in so many words): "Our mom and dad are inside, robbing your house." Not surprisingly, he rushes inside and, indeed, finds the would-be thieves . But before he can confront them, they run to the car and drive away. A check of the premises reveals no missing property. What are missing, however, are a husband, his wife, and their two offspring.

Connoisseurs of baseball ask: Why no no-hitters?

Major League Baseball has yet to produce a no-hit game this season and with only about two weeks left before the playoffs begin, time is fast running out. But no-hitters can occur when least expected, Over the game's long history, only 18 seasons have failed to produce one - 2000 being the most recent. The hitless gems since then, the pitchers responsible for them, their teams, and the date of each.

Hideo Nomo (Boston) vs. Baltimore, April 4
A.J. Burnett (Florida) vs. San Diego, May 5
Bud Smith (St. Louis) vs. San Diego, Sept. 3

Derek Lowe (Boston) vs. Tampa Bay, April 27

Kevin Millwood (Philadelphia) vs. San Francisco, April 27
Roy Oswalt and five relievers (Houston) vs. New York Yankees, June 11

Randy Johnson (Arizona) vs. Atlanta, May 18 (perfect game)


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