Pakistan needs US help to root out militant Islam

Responding to the July 27 article "British keep a wary eye on Pakistan": Militants in Pakistan were strengthened with the help of the United States to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Who benefited from that? No doubt it was the US - and the mess was left for Pakistan.

As a Pakistani-American, I believe that to correct the problem, we must help Pakistan - in education, science, and defense - and not just blame it.

The Pakistani government is doing what it can do, but if we [Americans] help them, it can do more. We have to program the people to understand that terrorism is not Islam. Islam is a religion of peace, safety, and security.

We must help the bright-minded Muslims to open the teaching centers and educate the Muslims and non-Muslims to stay away from hate, terror, and violence.
Munawar Hussain

Finkel shouldn't profit from his lie

Regarding the July 28 article, "A writer undone by a lie tells the story of a murderer": I am disappointed that the Monitor has chosen to be complicit in Michael Finkel's profiting from his own moral and professional degeneracy.

Mr. Finkel fabricated a story. His pathetic and disingenuous justification - "My article was true in spirit - it was a higher truth than that bound by mere facts and figures" - is the same as that invoked by others who have disgraced journalism.

There is irony in the headline that calls Finkel a "writer undone by a lie." He is making every effort to ensure that his lie becomes his making as a writer, and the Monitor shows no compunction about cooperating.
Peter Rozovsky

To lead nonproliferation, US must disarm

Regarding your July 22 editorial "Upsetting Asia's Atomic Applecart": It is laughable that you describe the most heavily armed and militarily adventurous country as the only one "left alone to create a new nonproliferation scheme from Pakistan to North Korea." And in that vein you try to conjure up some hope from your readers that the US, if it does its job right, "can get it started and get it right."

Perhaps I can state the obvious and declare that a good first step would be for the US to halt its many weapons programs, remove its nuclear arsenal from places around the world and discard its own massive stock of nuclear weapons.

Maybe then the rest of the world can finally breathe a sigh of relief and we can begin to sort out the problems in the world without interference or violence.
Kevin Corkill
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Public financing of elections

In his July 25 commentary, "You deserve a refund for fat CEO pay," David Francis expressed clearly what I have been thinking for a long time about executive pay and investors' loss.

I hope that the House and Senate will act quickly to fix this problem. America must be strong economically to retain its leadership.

One additional thing that needs to be fixed is campaign contributions from corporate organizations and executives. They're really a bribe that has become legal. All laws are being written based on who gives money to whom.

I suggest that we create a tax-deductible fund, and all contributors contribute anonymously to this campaign fund. The amount in the fund must be divided equally among all the candidates to cover campaign expenses.

The money to run the campaign can only come from this fund and no other money should be allowed. This will give a fair and equitable opportunity to all candidates.
Somnath Konduru
Tappan, N.Y.

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