Aw, not again!

"[This] restaurant is now a joke," an unhappy Nancy Araya told the newspaper Las Ultimas Noticias in Santiago, Chile, late last month. Had she had a bad meal there? Were the entrée prices outrageous ? Perhaps the waiter got her order wrong? Nope, none of the above. In fact, she was speaking of her own establishment, which had only just opened for business. The problem: It was forced to close again for repairs after a motorist lost control of his car on a rain-soaked street and plowed into the entrance. No one was injured in the accident, but the property damage was significant. Oh, the name of the place? Car Crash ... which she'd chosen because of the frequency of vehicular accidents there. You know, you just can't make up stuff like this.

Batters up! Another two baseball greats join shrine

Third baseman Wade Boggs and second baseman Ryne Sandberg were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame Saturday in annual enshrinement ceremonies at Cooperstown, N.Y. Boggs was chosen by 91.8 percent of the voting baseball writers (75 percent is needed), and Sandberg by 76.2 percent. Players must be retired for at least five years to be eligible. Capsule looks at the new inductees:

Wade Boggs
Voted in: first year of eligibility;Teams: Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Devil Rays; Key statistics: 3,010 hits,.328 career batting average; Awards: 12 All-Star appearances; five American League batting titles, Gold Gloves for fielding excellence 1994-95; Miscellaneous: Member of 1996 world champion Yankees

Ryne Sandberg
Voted in: fourth year of eligibility; Teams: Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies; Key statistics: .285 career batting average, 282 home runs, 344 stolen bases; Awards: 10 All-Star appearances, 1984 National League Most Valuable Player, Gold Gloves 1983-91; Miscellaneous: Hit a league-high 40 home runs in 1990

- National Baseball Hall of Fame

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