'A' is for August

Is this hot, humid weather slowing you down? Get recharged with some "double A's." Using the clues below, identify familiar two-word phrases in which both words have a long "a" vowel sound. For example, anything slow moving is a snail's pace.

1. They include these bodies of water: Erie, Huron, Superior, Michigan, and Ontario
2. A refuge
3. Nickname for Massachusetts
4. What employees hope for in their annual review
5. Common fundraiser for a school or club
6. Tall, powerful dog
7. A hot issue that led to the Civil War
8. Parades, dancing, and a coronation are held on this day in spring
9. A commuter's last chance home?
10. When talented grads leave their homeland
11. A sizable mammal off the Pacific coast of North America
12. Simple, ordinary
13. Accusations from both sides
14. It's hard to keep this when you hear a good joke.
15. It officially started with Sputnik
16. A backup time scheduled in the event of a postponement
17. Suitable object of pursuit
18. Site of Western frontier life
19. To cause trouble
20. What one should do when an emergency vehicle approaches


(1) Great Lakes; (2) Safe place; (3) Bay State; (4) Pay raise; (5) Bake sale; (6) Great Dane; (7) Slave trade; (8) May Day; (9) Late train; (10) Brain drain; (11) Gray whale; (12) Plain Jane; (13) Blame game; (14) Straight face; (15) Space Age or race; (16) Rain date; (17) Fair game; (18) Great Plains; (19) Raise Cain or hay; (20) Make way.

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