Well, look who's here!

If you were planning to look up the Loknar family when you're next in Gerovo, Croatia, you probably should call ahead first. That way, at least one of them can be waiting outside when you arrive. Why is that an issue? Because they aren't answering knocks at the front door anymore. Reason: Three times now, one of the Loknars has opened up to find himself face-to-face with a 500-pound bear ... that has walked in as though it owned the place, intent on raiding the kitchen for food. Wild bears are common in western Croatia, and animal behavior experts theorize that the critter, in the process of using its bulk to push open someone else's door, learned that doing so caused the knocker to sound. The Loknars have tried fencing their property - but to no avail. This bear, says Nevenka Loknar, "is so intelligent ... I wouldn't be surprised if he knew how to use wire cutters."

Why Reno is ranked No. 1 as a place to set up shop

Looking for a good place to establish a business? Here's a tip: Think in terms of smaller markets, especially west of the Mississippi River. According to a recent ranking by Inc. magazine, the best place to start is ... Reno, Nev. In a survey of 274 population centers, it found that although many people associate the so-called "Biggest Little City in the World" with gambling casinos, it also offers such advantages as low-cost Internet connectivity, educational and technical support centers, steady job growth across a range of industries, and ready access to outdoor recreation. Inc.'s top 10 places to do business:

1. Reno, Nev.
2. Boise, Idaho
3. Casper, Wyo.
4. Green Bay, Wis.
5. Medford, Ore.
6. Riverside/San Bernardino, Calif.
7. Melbourne/Titusville/ Palm Bay, Fla.
8. Missoula, Mont.
9. Fort Myers/Cape Coral, Fla.
10. Jacksonville, Fla.

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