Picture this: The American Revolution

How well do you know American history? How much do you like bad puns? Here's something to test you on both questions in honor of the July 4 holiday on Monday.

First, read the condensed chronology of America's Revolutionary War (1775-1783) and some of the events that led up to it. Pay special attention to the five items in frames.

Now look at the five images on these pages. Each image corresponds to a framed item. Figure out the chronological order of the images by reading the clues in the frames.

Now the bad-pun part. Three capital letters appear next to the number by each image. Once you think you have the images in the right order, write each three-letter set in the boxes on the facing page in the same order. (Example: If you think No. 5, EPE, is the first image, put E, P, and E into the first three boxes, and so on.) If you've done it correctly, you'll be able to read the punch line - and groan. (Answers below.)

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