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Home sales nearly set a record pace last month, but the median price fell 6.5 percent. The reason: Fewer properties sold in the pricey Northeast while sales surged in the cheaper Midwest, analysts say. But on Wall Street, which is worried about crude oil priced at near $60 a barrel, stocks fell to levels not seen for a month.

Hot spots: Some 20 percent of venture capitalists plan to expand their investments, especially in China and India, says a survey by Deloitte & Touche and the National Venture Capital Association. But the United States still ranks No. 1, with two-thirds of venture capitalists already invested here and 16 percent expecting to boost investments.

Stolen ID: More than 13 percent of Internet users say identity theft has hit their household, notes the Conference Board. Nearly 70 percent have installed security software and 41 percent have reduced their online purchases.

Dealers go digital: One in 6 foreign cars is now bought over the Internet, according to a survey for the American International Automobile Dealers. Ultimately, all car shoppers come to the store to buy their vehicles. But by then, many have already done everything but sign the paperwork.

Work woes: If 3 in 4 Americans like their jobs, how come they spend so much time complaining about them? In a word, management, says Sirota Survey Intelligence. Six in 10 cited abundant bureaucracy in middle and senior ranks as the biggest problem.

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