Here, I believe this is yours

When Bob and Karen Markovich celebrated their anniversary earlier this month, she slipped a gold band on his ring finger. Nice touch? Yes, and it was all the more special because it's the ring she gave him on their wedding day 20 years ago - and the one he lost in the spring of 1994 as they were preparing to move from Whiting, Ind., to Munster, a distance of 10 miles. At the time, Markovich turned the place upside down looking for it, but eventually gave up. The property since has changed hands twice, and, while raking the lawn a few weeks ago, current owner Grace Debrowa found the ring in the grass. She didn't know Markovich, but tracked down his mother, who gave her his address. Her kindness earned a $20 reward. "For her to go the extra mile like that, I thought ... was really spectacular," Markovich said.

Ugh, I'm dripping wet: The most sweltering US cities

Ever wonder what drives the lower summer room rates at hotels in Florida? A look at the list below provides part of the explanation. The Sunshine State can be piping hot this time of year and accounts for five of the 10 sweatiest cities in America, according to Old Spice, a leading maker of deodorant and anti- perspirants, which gives it an obvious interest in hot spots. In compiling its list, Old Spice took the average high temperature for 2004 in each of 100 cities during June, July, and August, then determined how much a man or woman of average height and weight would perspire while walking outdoors for one hour. Phoenix topped the chart, with the average person producing .76 liters of sweat, or more than enough to fill two 12-ounce glasses. At the opposite end of the scale: San Francisco. The sweatiest cities of 2004:

1. Phoenix
2. Las Vegas
3. Tucson, Ariz.
4. Miami
5. Corpus Christi, Texas
6. West Palm Beach, Fla.
7. Houston
8. Tampa, Fla.
9. Orlando, Fla.
10. Fort Myers, Fla.

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