Words on the wing

Is the promise of summer weather causing you to look hopefully to the skies? See if you can identify these words or phrases that relate to birds.

1. Beautiful in form and movement

2. Baseball team from Maryland

3. From Shakespeare's "Cymbeline": "Hark! Hark! the - - - - at heaven's gate sings"

4. By the shortest route

5. Winged timepiece

6. In a rhyme, they were baked in a pie

7. To keep a close eye on

8. Says "Nevermore!" in Poe poem

9. Spanish islands off Africa

10. Someone who stays up late


(1) Graceful as a swan; (2) Baltimore Orioles; (3) Lark; (4) As the crow flies; (5) Cuckoo clock; (6) Blackbirds; (7) To watch like a hawk; (8) The raven; (9) Canary Islands (named after "canis," Latin for "dog." The bird was named for the islands.) (10) Night owl.

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