Game of the name

Are you a name dropper? See if the following definitions bring to mind a word or phrase that contains a proper name. For instance, a theater program is a playBILL and an apple pudding would be a brown BETTY.

1. A Christmas song

2. Modern electric hand broom

3. Neat, well-dressed chap

4. Optimist's spectacles

5. Revolving tray for condiments

6. To gradually end

7. Furry stuffed toy

8. Shy

9. Cruel, having no mercy or scruples

10. OK, in radio talk

11. A bright, vivid green

12. Fragrant spice of the Magi

13. Halloween pumpkins

14. To set out briskly

15. To decrease in price

16. To chase after

17. To refuse to change, to be firm

18. A place to store linens and tableware

ANSWERS: (1) CAROL; (2) DustBUSTER; (3) Dapper DAN; (4) ROSE-colored glasses; (5) Lazy SUSAN; (6) PETER out; (7) TEDDY Bear (Teddy was a nickname for President Theodore Roosevelt, a hunter who was once shown in a cartoon sparing the life of a bear cub); (8) TIMid; or shrinking VIOLET; (9) RUTHless; (10) ROGER (a signaler's term for the letter "r," abbreviation for "received"); (11) KELLY; (12) FRANKincense; (13) JACK o' lanterns; (14) SALLY forth; (15) MARKdown; (16) PurSUE; (17) Stand PAT; (18) HOPE chest.

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