Scratching the itch of photography

Photographers constantly scan their surroundings, whether they have a camera in hand or not, I look for beauty, humor, a face I can't pass by, something out of place, or a strange juxtaposition. Call it a blessing or a burden, but most of us photographers carry some sort of camera at all times (even a point-and-shoot or disposable camera will do), just in case we come upon an image we want to capture and share. Sometimes I see photos I cannot get, so I have a collection of images in my head that were never taken. But while vacationing in the Scottish highlands recently I was easily able to record this laundry hanging on the line. I shot it from every angle, wanting to make sure I brought it home properly. I loved that it was all white, but more than that, its location by the water's edge fascinated me. It probably came from the nearby B&B, temporary home to visitors from near and far. Surely they would smell the fresh sea air in their sheets and towels.

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