A walk in the park

We're allowed to be a tiny bit proud, aren't we? Once every 86 years or so? It probably won't take you long to figure out where these photos were taken. It may take longer to figure out what they are, though. Study them, read the clues, and check your answers on page 18. Give yourself five extra points for each "Bonus" question you answer correctly - but only if you live more than 500 miles from where these pictures were taken.

ANSWERS: (1) Fenway Park, Boston, organist Kantor plays 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game' during the seventh-inning stretch. With no paper to read, Norworth scanned the subway ads instead. His eye fell on a poster for a New York Giants game. He wrote the lyrics in 30 minutes. (2) A turnstile. Ushers must scan the barcode on a ticket before the ticketholder may pass. (3) 'Pesky's Pole' is the foul pole in Fenway's right field. Red Sox pitcher Mel Parnell named it when Pesky's game-winning home run just missed it to stay fair. (4) Stadium lights. (5) Action at first base: Baltimore Oriole Chris Gomez is safe as Red Sox first-baseman David Ortiz awaits a throw. (Pitcher to catcher and catcher to pitcher are the top two baseball 'destinations.') (6) Cracker Jack, as in 'Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack' from the famous song in Clue No. 1. (7) The 'Green Monster' is a high wall in left field. The wall helps to compensate for the fact that left field is so shallow (308 ft.) because of Fenway's small urban lot. (8) Pitcher's mound (foreground) and infield. 'Beam Clay Baseball Diamond Mix' is used in every major league baseball park. Pitcher's mounds are a different kind of dirt and can be red, orange, brown, or gray. (9) Red Sox centerfielder Johnny 'Caveman' Damon, with his trademark locks.

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