We're sensitive about it, OK?

Maurio Saucedo was a bit nonplussed when the résumé he submitted for a recent job opening was "kicked back." And not because it revealed that he wasn't qualified to do the work. Instead, it was due to where he lives. "Someone," the Pico Rivera, Calif., resident said, "thought I was kidding." So what's the problem with Pico Rivera? Nothing. It's the rest of his address: Dork Street. No official record appears to be on file indicating for whom the street was named, but it began turning up on maps in 1936 . Some of Saucedo's neighbors laugh it off, but others wince. Said one, if she'd seen a Dork Street sign 18 years ago at the passing of papers on her house, she might have thought twice.

Disney theme parks are a dream still coming true

Fifty years ago Walt Disney's bold vision of the modern theme park became a reality with the grand opening of Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. Since then, 10 other Disney theme parks of various kinds have been built. Beginning Thursday, each will participate in the "Happiest Celebration on Earth," a tribute to the original. Organizers are calling the 18-month event the biggest in Disney park history, with special attractions and shows. In the US, Disneyland and The Magic Kingdom in Florida are the flagships. Overseas, parks in Tokyo and Paris carry on the tradition, with Hong Kong Disneyland - the biggest yet, with 310 acres - set to open in September. The Walt Disney Co. has denied any plans to expand to India, but it's hard to rule out expansion. After all, Walt Disney himself once said "Disneyland will never be completed as long as there is imagination left in the world." The major Disney parks, the year each opened, and its size in acres:

Disneyland Park 1955 (Anaheim, Calif.) Acres: 85
The Magic Kingdom 1971 (Orlando, Fla.) Acres: 107
Tokyo Disneyland Park 1983 Acres: 126
Disneyland Paris 1992 Acres: 140
- The Walt Disney Co.

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