Another last-minute delay in announcing the makeup of Iraq's new cabinet meant it will not be presented to the National Assembly for approval until at least Thursday. Sources said the latest snag involved a dispute over who would be oil minister and winning the support of majority Shiites for some Sunni nominees who are believed to be former Baath Party members.

Tens of thousands of Israelis flocked to the Gaza Strip to show solidarity with Jewish settlers who will be affected by this summer's planned withdrawal. But the demonstration appeared to be little more than a display of defiance since all political avenues for thwarting the pullout have been exhausted.

May 29 was set as the starting date for Lebanon's first national election in more than three decades without a Syrian military occupation. The announcement came after parliament voted its confidence in the interim government of new Prime Minister Najib Mikati. Lebanese elections normally are held in multiple rounds over successive weekends.

Without explanation, the verdict in the high-profile trial of former Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky was postponed by a Moscow court until May 16. Analysts suggested that the delay was timed to avert embarrassment for President Vladimir Putin, who was due in Israel to push his proposed new Middle East peace talks, which Russia would sponsor. Khodorkovsky is Jewish, and his supporters see anti-Semitic overtones in the case against him.

Police and soldiers clashed with antigovernment protesters for a third straight day in Togo's capital, and reports said the number of dead rose to at least 10. More than 100 others were hurt. Meanwhile, an opposition leader who had agreed earlier to join a unity government with President-elect Faure Gnas-singbe reneged on the commitment, saying "massive fraud" had tainted last Sunday's vote.

At least 35 people were killed and dozens more were hurt as a packed passenger bus in Sri Lanka was rammed by a passing train. Authorities said the bus driver, who was arrested, had ignored warning signals and tried to race the train across the tracks. No one aboard the train was hurt.

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