John Zogby

Political pollster John Zogby was Tuesday's guest. Here are excerpts from his remarks:

On President Bush and the enthusiasm of his Republican base:

"Numbers in the last two polls I have done show the beginnings of an erosion of his own Republican base.... Social Security and the [budget] deficit have affected his popularity among his base."

On the election outlook for Democrats next year:

"You could make the argument they [voters] are rejecting Democrats ... because if there is a Democratic program, it is not getting out there. They have become the Just Say No party. They have enough juice to offer a spirited defense on Social Security... [but] what they are not coming back with is a program that seems to matter to a majority of people. "

On Sen. Hillary Clinton's political strategy:

"In terms of positioning herself, she appears to be the only candidate out there who is trying to grab the center. The president isn't. Some of the leading Republican nominees aren't. [Senate majority leader] Bill Frist ... is really tilting way to the right in the last few days and weeks."

On his sense of how polarized the public is:

"Americans are polarized and not in the mood for real conversations right now. We are split into camps. If you are talking about the center, many people in the center wouldn't show up [for a conversation]."

On public response to the war in Iraq:

"Americans want their wars to be over. They want them won. This is lingering. There is a base for this war [but] it is not a majority base."

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