Harry Reid

US Senate minority leader Harry Reid (D) of Nevada was Monday's guest. Here are excerpts from his remarks:

On accusations that Democrats are blocking judicial nominees who are "people of faith":

"I resent anyone accusing 44 other [Senate] Democrats of being not religious people... We have prayed together - we heathen Democrats."

On President Bush's plans for private Social Security accounts:

"The president only wants home runs. He is not willing to try for a bunt single or a double - home run or nothing. Well, I think he is going to end up getting nothing on this privatization."

On his relations with majority leader Bill Frist:

"We work well together. My concern is, I am afraid that his presidential aspirations are getting in the way of his Senate leadership position."

On breakfasts at the White House with Bush:

"Every month or so, you go down, have some oatmeal and some banana - spend an hour there.... He spends the first 50 minutes talking about foreign affairs. And then the last 10 minutes, people are trying to get questions in. There is not a lot of time for exchange."

On Democrats' need to communicate better with rural voters:

"Democrats have to come to the realization that we can no longer win elections by going to Cincinnati and Cleveland.... All we have to do is reach out. We are good for people in rural America, but we haven't been there."

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