Who's leaving Iraq?

As the Pentagon considers a US troop reduction - from 142,000 to about 105,000 by this time next year - other coalition forces are pulling out of Iraq.

Poland's Defense Minister Jerzy Szmajdzinski said on Tuesday all 1,700 Polish troops will withdraw from Iraq at the end of 2005. South Korean defense ministry officials said earlier this month it would cut its military presence there by 270 troops to 3,270. The last contingent of 800 Dutch troops returned home earlier this month.

Who's leaving?

Bulgaria All 450 soldiers by end of 2005
Italy All 3,160, starting in September
Poland All 1,700 by end of 2005
South Korea 270 of 3,540
Ukraine All 1,600 by Oct. 2005

Who's Staying?

US 142,000
Britain 8,930

Some 20 other countries still have a total of 11,300 soldiers in Iraq.

Source: Reuters/GlobalSecurity.org

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