Thank you, young man

Louisa Lopez still has a house to come home to, thanks to some quick thinking by one of her neighbors. The San Diego resident was en route to work around noon one day last week when a woodpile outside spontaneously caught fire, which could have engulfed the dwelling. Fortunately, at that moment Bailey Couturier was riding by on his bicycle, recognized the potential of what was happening, and flagged down a letter carrier who had a cellphone with him. The mailman called 911 , and firefighters arrived in time to prevent all but some minimal damage. Nice story, right? Yes, and perhaps you'll agree that Bailey's age makes it even more compelling. He's 4.

Hong Kong, Halifax rank as two of a kind, fliers say

Halifax, Nova Scotia, might seem an unlikely place to find the best airport in the Americas, but not to passengers who have used it. Halifax International outranked better-known US airports in the latest survey by two trade groups, Airports Council International and the International Air Transport Association. They asked 65,000 travelers for their views of the services at 40 of the world's major airfields. Three in Asia - in Hong Kong, Seoul, and Singapore - came away as the overall best. Survey participants assessed more than 20 categories, among them access, connectivity, and value for the money - and the leading measures of satisfaction: cleanliness and ambience. The best airports in the world and by region:

1. Hong Kong
2. Seoul (Incheon)
3. Singapore
Western Hemisphere
1. Halifax, Nova Scotia
2. Minneapolis
3. San Diego
1. Copenhagen
2. Helsinki
3. Athens
Africa/Middle East
1. Dubai
2. Cape Town
3. Durban, South Africa

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