Timeline: A century of dominance in Lebanon

• April 1920 - In the division of the Ottoman Empire, France was mandated to oversee Greater Syria, which included Lebanon.

• Nov. 1943 - Lebanon amends Constitution, abolishing French ties. French authorities arrest Lebanese politicians, uniting Christian and Muslim opposition.

• Feb. 1975 - Sectarian strife flares and civil war erupts between Lebanese National Movement-Palestine Liberation Organization and Christian Lebanese Front.

• Jan. 1977 - About 27,000 Syrian troops sent to Lebanon.

• March 1978 - Israel invades southern Lebanon to destroy PLO bases.

• June 1982 - Israel invades again, occupies 2/5 of Lebanon for five months.

• April 1983 - Terrorist attack destroys the US embassy, killing 63. An October attack kills 241 US troops.

• Nov. 1989 - President Rene Muawwad was killed in car bomb.

• Oct. 1990 - Civil war ends, 150,000 people died.

• May 2000 - Israel withdraws from Lebanon.

• Oct. 2004 - UN Resolution 1559 calls on Syria to withdraw its troops.

• Feb. 14, 2005 - Opposition leader Rafik Hariri, former prime minister, killed in car bomb.

• Feb. 28, 2005 - Pro-Syrian Prime Minister Omar Karami steps down, effectively dismantling the government.

sources: Wires; Library of Congress; "The Essential Middle East," Carroll and Graf Publishers.

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