Brrr! (You can say that again)

Are your Windows frosted and your furnace rattling? See if you can identify the words or names below that start with the sound "brrr."

1. Soft, round French cap

2. Prickly seedcase

3. Where flame is produced

4. Switzerland's capital

5. Hole in the ground for shelter

6. Coarse, heavy cloth made of jute or hemp

7. Treasurer of a college

8. Dark red color

9. "North Kingdom" city

10. Small knot in wool

11. Large, hardy dog

12. Actor Sir Richard

13. Thick gruel or porridge

14. District of Paris, France

15. The principle that warm-blooded animals living in cold climates tend to be larger than the same animals living in warmer climates.

16. Small donkey

17. Parody

18. Eructation


(1) beret; (2) burr; (3) burner; (4) Bern; (5) burrow; (6) burlap; (7) bursar; (8) burgundy; (9) Burlington, Vt.; (10) burl; (11) Bernese mountain dog; (12) Burton; (13) burgoo; (14) Bercy; (15) Bergmann's rule, named for 19th-century German biologist Karl Bergmann; (16) burro; (17) burlesque; (18) burp.

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