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In Euless, Texas, Joseph Fahnbulleh was delighted when police phoned to say that someone had found his wallet and he could come to the station and claim it. But the delight did not last long. Once he'd proved his identity, he was arrested for robbery. How did the cops know they had their man? Because in haste, he'd left the wallet on the counter of a local store as he allegedly held up the clerk and escaped with about $200 in cash.

Chevy: a regular visitor to victory lane at Daytona

Forty-three high-performance machines will roar into motion Sunday when the starter's flag drops in Daytona Beach, Fla., the birthplace of stock-car racing. The first Daytona 500 was run in 1959 on the famous 2-1/2-mile tri-oval. But long before that (in 1936), stock-car races began on the packed sands of the city's beach. For fans, part of the appeal has always been that the cars are products of US industry and resemble the street models that ordinary people drive - except for the extra power, safety equipment, and sponsorships. Chevrolet boasts the most victories, including 11 of the last 15. The makes of the winning cars at Daytona and the number of times each has finished first in the sport's season-opening event:

Chevrolet 17
Ford 10
Plymouth 4
Buick (tie) Dodge (tie) Mercury (tie) Oldsmobile (tie) Pontiac 3
- Daytona International Speedway

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